Living Room Conversations

One of the biggest barriers in transforming a learning environment from a school-centered system to a learner-centered vision is garnering collective support from all community stakeholders.

Designing ways to hold well-structured, collaborative discussions is a pivotal component in this transformation and is certainly not an easy task. Living Room Conversations provides a framework to conduct these discussions. It is their belief that “a world in which people have fundamental differences of opinion and backgrounds can work together with respect, and perhaps joy, to realize the vibrant future we all desire.” By providing a platform for communities to host self-guided conversations and rediscover the beauty of civil discourse, LRC is confident that once unattainable breakthroughs can and will be had. Their structure fits perfectly for the types of conversations commonly occurring in individual learning environments. With no more than six or eight participants, each discussion can dive deep into various, divergent issues with every voice having the space to be heard loud and clear. Ready to start a conversation in your community? Explore how Living Room Conversations might assist you.

Last updated on 10/20/2016

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