When educators are first introduced to the idea of personalized, relevant, and contextualized learning, they commonly begin adding up the hours of extra work that will be involved in designing 30+ individual plans for their learners.

But, when they couple it with learner agency and discover the power of designing an environment that is truly learner-driven, they begin to see how much of the work learners will start to take on themselves. However, there still remains a crucial component to the learning process that educators must revolutionize—assessment. With our learners, how can we assess the development of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions in real time—particularly when we are no longer in the same physical space? The team over at Swivl had a similar thought, so they designed an application called Recap where educators and parents alike can engage with their children through a video reflection platform. Whether you want to conduct a formal assessment to “gather deep insights” on your learner’s learning or get a real-time project update, kids can simply record their response and send it directly to you in no time at all. Explore how Recap might enhance your environment’s assessment practices.

Last updated on 10/20/2016

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