Learner-centered education, at its core, hones in on the unique needs of the individual child.

When those needs require a greater degree of specialty on the part of the educator, it helps to know where to find the resources online and in our communities to provide the appropriate support. EdTogether, a non-profit “empowering youth with disabilities to thrive in learning and in life,” is one of those resources. With 15% of young learners going through their learning journey with a developmental disability, their needs deserve a learning design that empowers and engages their interests and passions. EdTogether acts this vision out by exploring and sharing how emotion plays an integral role in children’s learning. They also support the implementation of this research by engaging youth to “personalize [their] learning, foster empathy, and strengthen relationships between [them] and [their] educators.” Dig into their resources below, and imagine how such intention could be expanded to every child in your community.  

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