Equity in Pandemic Schooling: An Action Guide for Families, Educators, and Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly exposed the conventional education system’s fragile and inequitable foundation. And, it called upon all of us to answer the urgency of the moment and prevent the gaps in access and opportunity—that affect millions of young people—from becoming irreparable chasms.

In response to this call to act, Dr. Erica O. Turner and her colleagues from the Equity in Action Committee (of the Lapham-Marquette Parent Teacher Group in Madison, WI) published a digestible and robust resource to empower families, educators, and communities who feel left behind by the rapid changes taking place across the education landscape as school restarts.

Their publication, Equity in Pandemic Schooling, offers 10 ways to raise your voice, inspire action, and spark change. They encourage people to speak out against compliance and accountability measures like high-stakes testing. And, advocate that all young people have access to remote learning that is dynamic, nurtures their health and happiness, and reflects their lived-experience. If you want to ensure every young learner in your community is receiving an equitable learning experience this fall, this resource is a must read.

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