Restoring Hope and Seizing Opportunity in the Face of Crisis: State Guidance for Building Resilient and Equitable Education Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the United States with an enormous opportunity to reimagine what our education system could look like.

And, to get into action around inventing something new that truly serves the needs of every single child, regardless of background or circumstance. This scale of transformation requires an intricate web of contribution at the Federal, state, local, and individual learning model level.

KnowledgeWorks, a leading organization in working with Federal and state policymakers to make education transformation possible and sustainable, has released new State Guidance for Building Resilient and Equitable Education Systems. The guide prioritizes four categories—student support systems; human capital and infrastructure; evidence of learning; and system accountability—that if acted upon in concert could catalyze system-wide transformation like we’ve never seen before.

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