ESSA and Personalized Learning State by State

When big shifts occur in the education policy arena, it can be difficult to look beyond the adjustments being made in your region and compare your efforts with those in other states.

The folks at KnowledgeWorks recognize this challenge and have developed a state-by-state tool that looks at what kind of transformation is taking shape across the country. By providing brief overviews of each state’s proposed strategies—with a focus on Vision, Long-Term Goals, Academic Assessments, Supporting Excellent Educators, and Supporting All Students—KnowledgeWorks invites users to collect, iterate, and advance these ideas to explore how far they can go in reimagining their education systems under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). States that have realized the freedom this new act provides have been taking some encouraging steps forward in recognizing and celebrating the individuality of their learners. Discover for yourself what is happening across the country, and see how your ecosystem can take advantage of the proposed ideas.

Last updated 5/25/2017

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