Global Education Leaders’ Partnership (GELP)

An initiative of the Innovation Unit, the Global Education Leaders’ Partnership (GELP) is a powerful alliance of global education leaders who are seriously committed to transforming the practice of education and to developing the personal skills they need to lead that transformation.

The partnership operates as a “network of networks” for people in the education sphere, as well as those involved in business, politics, the entrepreneurial world, and civil society. More than just a space for discussion, GELP also offers numerous useful tools for educators, including a “Roadmap to Education Transformation,” which guides system leaders in the evolution of their educational transformations to create actionable plans. Other tools include the Elements for System Transformation map, which helps leaders visualize the steps and planning needed to advance towards transformation, and Redesigning Education: Shaping Learning Systems Around the Globe, which highlights GELP’s global members as they journey towards the education systems they need and want.

Last updated on 01/28/2016

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