Center for Teaching Quality

The Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ) is a national nonprofit that connects, readies, and mobilizes educators to transform their own learning environments.

As part of this mission, CTQ cultivates not just input but active leadership from educators. They have created the hybrid role of “Teacherpreneur:” Expert teachers whose workweeks are divided between teaching students and designing systems-level solutions for public education. Thus, a “teacherpreneur” can expand their leadership capacities, while also continuing their direct work with kids. CTQ provides consultations to assess an environment’s ability to incorporate these hybrid roles into their leadership structure. They also host a virtual community curriculum, VOICE, that facilitates PD and project collaboration, as well as the CTQ Collaboratory—a collection of free-to-join networks of thousands of educators. These networks serve as virtual spaces for feedback and support for educator-led efforts, on a global, national, and statewide (Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina) scale.  Once an innovation’s successes are ready to be presented to the outside world, CTQ’s Teacher Solutions makes it easy for an environment to share out about their work. With all of these capacities and opportunities, CTQ is jam-packed with tools and resources.

Last updated on 01/28/2016

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