K-12 OER Collaborative

The K-12 OER Collaborative is a state-led collaborative non-profit organized to produce high-quality, standards aligned, full course Mathematics and English Language Arts courses licensed as Open Educational Resources (OER) for kindergarten through twelfth grades.

The Collaborative is set to produce a curriculum of 28 courses supporting both integrated and traditional paths for high school mathematics. When completed these courses will be consistent and highly coherent across lessons, grades, and even across subject areas. The Collaborative has an intense focus on intentionally designed supports for English language learners, whether new arrivals or long-term learners. In addition to making its courses freely available directly to educators and learners globally, the Collaborative plans to proactively market these offerings to school districts by creating innovative bundles that will combine the freely available content with aligned professional services, digitally enhanced print versions, or fully digital implementation support services and more.

Last Updated on 01/14/2016

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