Latino/a and Black Students and Mathematics: The Students at the Center Series

The learner-centered paradigm is naturally constructed to serve the unique needs of every learner, regardless of background or circumstance.

In fact, it even uncovers the often impossible to find positive components of a difficult upbringing or external living environment. However, this reality does not permit the learner-centered movement to ignore the equitable imbalance that exists in today’s traditional education system. The success and viability of learner-centered education is dependent upon showcasing its efficacy for every single learner. The Students at the Center Hub agrees with this viewpoint, which is why they conducted focused research on how Latino/a and Black learners can be given a better support system and entirely new lens from which to approach mathematics. Although the research is subject-specific, the conclusions and calls to action are transformation-oriented and can be applied to the entire educational journey of the learner. Check out their findings and see how you can apply them in your community.

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