Community Collaboration for School Innovation Toolkit

The hustle and bustle in the daily drama known as "school" oftentimes leads our attention away from communicating with our communities. One-way memos are commonly sent, but intentional engagement is left for another time.

The Colorado DOE, The Colorado Education Initiative, and The Learning Accelerator partnered in an effort to change this story by creating a Community Collaboration for School Innovation Toolkit. The toolkit was designed to reverse the one-way “push out” messaging to a “pull in” system that utilizes the knowledge and resources available throughout individual communities. This community collaboration will allow districts to “clearly understand what the local community expects of its schools, so it can then align activities and initiatives.” The Community Collaboration model focuses on four activities—creating a forum for community collaboration, acting on community directive, reporting progress, and committing to continuous collaboration. As you explore ways to engage your entire community in the transformation of your education system, consider how this toolkit might provide valuable insights.

LAST UPDATED ON 01/25/2018

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