Project Wayfinder

Project Wayfinder was founded within Stanford University's d.School and quickly launched into an independent venture.

Promoting the idea that today’s education system is failing young learners, the project utilizes purpose research “to inspire our next generation to become intentional meaning-makers empowered to contribute to the world around them.” Their research led to the creation of a 15-piece toolkit that can be utilized within any learning setting, including a learner’s home. Each piece of the toolkit is designed to help learners navigate themselves and the world—supporting them to take purpose-driven action that will have long-lasting impact within their community. Every Wayfinder’s journey starts with self-discovery, finding one’s center “to understand who they are and what they value.” With this intimate understanding of “who I am,” Wayfinders can begin exploring how they fit within the larger landscape of the world around them. Finally, knowledge without action is meaningless, so Wayfinders are empowered to lean into fear and try new things.

LAST UPDATED ON 01/25/2018

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