Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation

Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI) is an R&D lab and transformation design studio comprised of a team of leaders and education designers who transform schools through a people-centered approach.

MVIFI evolved out of the ideas and leadership of the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and now enjoys a symbiotic relationship as an amplifier and accelerator of the school’s work. The Institute promotes design thinking (dt) as a problem-solving tool through the people-centered “DEEPdt” framework. DEEPdt—Discover, Empathize, Experiment, Produce—stresses the connection between designer and user as a means of focusing on the roots of a problem and forming creative and relevant solutions. MVIFI shares its ideas through a variety of media, including a blog, podcasts, publications, and social media. It convenes educators and stakeholders to discuss and exchange ideas at events, such as the Council on Innovation and fuse Summer Conference. It also offers customizable consulting options, including demonstrations, coaching, workshops, and more. MVIFI’s online resources are an excellent starting point to discover how design thinking can impact the learning experience.

Last updated on 02/25/2016

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