Blended Learning Universe

The Blended Learning Universe (BLU) is a comprehensive online hub, curated by the The Clayton Christenson Institute. 

It is packed with a wealth of resources for practitioners, policymakers, parents, and innovators seeking to “improve education through personalized, student-centered learning.”

The BLU hosts tutorials, houses a text and video guide of the different models of blended learning, and provides DIY worksheets for practitioners to plan and execute blended learning strategies with their own learners. They also produce a trove of white papers, case studies, and policy briefs—providing proof points for blended learning models and exploring blended learning’s role as a “disruptive innovator” in the education sphere. Another indispensable tool of the BLU is its directory, a rapidly growing, searchable catalog of worldwide K-12 blended learning programs. A mechanism to connect the blended learning movement, the Directory includes Q&As with school leaders and details on the edtech tools and resources being used across the country. Dig in and explore!

Last updated on 04/07/2016

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