Springpoint sees “a future where secondary schools leverage all available talent, time, technology, and resources—and produce success on a grand scale.”

To bring this future to life, they work closely with districts and networks to provide the training, support, and evidence they need to design, launch, and continually improve new innovative high schools. There is no single Springpoint model or framework—they urge communities to “forge their unique path.” And, their set of 10 integrated “Design Principles” are meant to provide the signposts and points of guidance along that path. To support the design teams that they work directly with and all those other pioneer designers out there, Springpoint hosts a curated library of videos, websites, articles, and reports that provide proof points and useful best practices for educators and leaders. They also produce their own reports and papers that highlight Springpoint’s design process and the success stories that they are encountering. Check out their exciting repository of tools and resources for learning designers and leaders!

Last updated on 04/21/2016

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