National SEED Project

As the education paradigm shifts its focus from school-centric to learner-centered environments, the socially embedded nature of those environments is crucial.

In this movement, we must ensure all learners are able to connect and empathize with life experiences outside their own. Just as importantly, the adults in the system must do the same. The National SEED Project recognizes this need by providing peer-led professional development programs that “acknowledge systems of oppression, power, and privilege, without blame, shame, or guilt.” SEED offers a host of opportunities for individuals and communities to engage in their programs—from the seven-day New Leaders’ Week to regional events that provide an introduction to SEED’s concepts and methods. When we allow our internal, pre-conceived notions to be exposed and evaluated, the life experiences of each member of our communities can be more fully understood and accepted. Explore how the National SEED Project can help you “create a conversational community to drive personal, organizational, and societal change toward greater equity and diversity.”

Last updated on 08/11/2016

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