Schlechty Center

Transforming organizations. Redefining roles. Increasing engagement.

These three codependent objectives are the guiding principles at the Schlechty CenterAt the Center, they believe every aspect of the education system should “function as a learning organization [where] the core business is to ensure that every student, every day, is provided challenging, interesting, and satisfying work.” Furthermore, they see that “the transformation of schools calls on all who work in and around schools to change their mental models regarding their roles and—based on these changes—to learn to do things they have never done before.” With all of this at their backs, The Schlechty Center brings a personal approach that isn’t often seen in the consulting business. They are driven by a desire to learn about the unique environment they are assisting—never coming in with a predetermined prescription or answer. Because their leaders were once active members at various levels of the traditional school environment, they share a direct understanding of how professionals desire to be trained and led in transformative work. Explore whether the Schlechty Center might have something to offer to your journey toward learner-centered.

Last updated on 08/25/2016

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