Stanford 2025

In 2014, a group of learners at Stanford’s d.School traversed the landscape of innovations occurring across the education space—from primary to post-secondary systems.

By integrating the thoughts of learners and educators alike, the team “considered many lenses—from how students prepare for a Stanford education while still in high school, to patterns of undergraduate decision-making about what and how they study, to the shifting needs and expectations from future employers.” This project, Stanford 2025, was built to “encourage an exploratory mindset” for all educators looking to create supportive learning environments that allow every learner to thrive and be prepared for life. In particular, the project developed recommendations for how to prepare learners for, and ultimately shift, the college education experience. As you explore the imagined possibilities of how the education transformation of today will move our communities into a more fruitful tomorrow, imagine your environment ten years from now and the paths you could take to get there.

Last updated on 09/08/2016

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