In the famous Brown v. Board of Education decision back in 1954, the nation took a giant leap forward in establishing a new cultural truth that every child is deserving of a fruitful educational experience. In honor of this monumental decision, Xiomara Padamsee and Monisha Lozier embedded this historical event within the name of their newly founded organization, Promise54.

It’s been over 60 years since the ruling of Brown v. Board. And, the original idea of equality has evolved into a meaningful conversation about equity—providing personalized, relevant, and contextualized learning opportunities to children that have unique needs, interests, and passions. Promise54 is ready to take this discussion and action to a whole new level. Their mission “will be to work side by side with education organizations to cultivate and maintain healthy, equitable, and inclusive environments where a diverse set of staff can thrive to achieve transformational student outcomes.” In doing so, these pioneers believe every learning environment across the country can serve and maximize the potential of each individual learner.

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