Q.E.D. Foundation

The Q.E.D. Foundation envisions “communities where each individual is empowered to use his or her unique voice effectively and with integrity in co-creating our public world.”

This vision was born out of the founders’ firsthand experiences at Making Community Connections Charter School (MC2) in Maine. As witnesses to the impact competency-based, socially embedded learning can provide learners who lost their footing in traditional environments, these pioneers wanted to spread the power of learner-centered education beyond state lines. By launching Q.E.D., they began building services around “training, coaching, strategic consulting, and tools and resources in support of competency-based learning systems and practices, knowledge of learners and learning, student agency and equity, community collaboration, and democratic practices in education.” Now operating in the New England area, as well as specific learning environments across the country, Q.E.D. has developed knowledge and expertise in bringing learner-centered education to communities looking to transform their learning systems to t the specific needs of their learners and community at large.

Last updated 6/9/2017

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We recently announced a new R&D acceleration initiative to connect and support local communities ready to bring public, equitable, learner-centered ecosystems to life.