Shift Your Paradigm Podcast

In partnership with Education Reimagined, TLTalkRadio hosts Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten have launched a new podcast: Shift Your Paradigm.

Focusing on learner-centered learning and leadership, Lynn and Randy are diving into deep conversations with pioneers from across the nation—including young learners. The podcast was born out of a single, yet dynamic question: Does leadership look different in the learner-centered paradigm compared to the school-centered paradigm? As the hosts gather opinions from leaders enveloped in this transformational work, they hope to uncover a clearer answer to the question at hand. And, by doing so, they “hope [to] have made a contribution to the larger field of education and educational leadership.” The podcast kicks off with our very own Executive Director, Kelly Young, who sets the stage for what learner-centered education is all about. From there, you’ll have to check things out and see what Lynn and Randy have to offer—you won’t regret it.

Last updated on 5/11/2017

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