When the focus of education turns toward the knowledge, skills, and dispositions developed by each individual learner, there is an increased challenge in focusing assessment on the small details.

The creators of Quill have taken on this challenge in one particular area of learning. If a learner expresses expert knowledge when verbally presenting her findings on a particular learning activity but struggles to express it clearly in her writing, it can’t be said she hasn’t become proficient in the subject matter. However, written communication is undoubtedly a premier skill to master for today’s working world. How can learners remain focused on the big picture of their learning journey, while picking up the necessary technical skills in the process? Enter Quill. This tool for writing provides real-time feedback as the learner writes. And, rather than giving away the answer, the tool encourages the learner with pop-up messages like “Good work! Now revise your sentence. How could you avoid repeating the word ‘tea’?” These messages encourage the learner to search for clearer ways to express their meaning and allows the learner to visit quick lessons to explore particular grammar rules and strong sentence structures.

Last updated on 07/28/2017

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