Student-Centered Assessment Guide: Self-Assessment

In Education Reimagined’s Practitioner’s Lexicon, learner agency is distinguished as “a person who must have free choice available in areas that really matter to that person, and they must also have the wherewithal to exercise that choice effectively. When these conditions are met, the person may be said to have “agency” in the matter at hand.”

What are some ways we can move learners into being full agents of their learning? A major component of agency includes the ability for a learner to understand where they are on their life journey—academically or otherwise. This requires skilled self-reflection. The Students at the Center Hub, adapting “research described in their Assessing Learning paper,” have provided a starting point for how you might consider integrating self-assessment into the learning process for your youth. As you consider this tool, view it through the lens of each individual learner you serve and how it would look different based on each learner’s needs.

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