Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE)

Based in Rapid City, South Dakota, the team at Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE) believes in the implementation of “an empowerment learning model [that] allows us to mass customize learning to meet individual learning needs based on what we know about student motivation and learning.”

They have subscribed to the belief that the “time and space based method of mass production” had its relevance during the Industrial Age but has stuck around for far too long. Working on a national scale, TIE provides services to assist in the transformation of learning environments of all types to meet learners where they are and provide customized learning opportunities relevant to their interests and passions. The Information and Technology Age has created unlimited opportunities for learners to be treated as the unique, capable, curious, and wondrous individuals they truly are. And, it is TIE’s mission to present these opportunities to every learning environment in the country so that all learners flourish. Discover more about TIE’s work below!

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We recently announced a new R&D acceleration initiative to connect and support local communities ready to bring public, equitable, learner-centered ecosystems to life.