Unleashing the Power of Partnership (UP) for Learning

In the quiet town of East Hardwick, Vermont, there is a not-so-quiet call to action being amplified by the folks at UP for Learning—“shared responsibility” must be at the core of all learning environments.

UP sees this as the missing “R” of the more commonly heard, research-based three Rs (rigor, relevance, and relationship). With shared responsibility, UP believes in cultivating “a commitment to partnership [that] makes [educators and learners] co-creators, actively engaged in the central dynamic of teaching and learning.” With shared responsibility comes a sequence of guidelines to completely transform a traditional school into a learner-centered environment—starting with strengths, assuming positive intentions, seeking equity and justice, creating open dialogue, and employing data to drive change. Working chiefly in Vermont but with their sights set on a much broader scale, “UP for Learning provides expert coaching, facilitation, and training to youth-adult teams. It offers strategies and tools for building a school community in which learning is engaging for everyone and youth are fully empowered.” Learn more about their work in the links below!

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