The Knowledge Project (Podcast)

Following a dinner with the CEO of a public company, Shane Parrish returned to his hotel room rejuvenated—feeling like he just learned more about business in two hours than he did during his entire MBA program. 

This was nothing new for Parrish, the blogger behind Farnam Street—a blog primarily followed by Wall Street professionals looking for “strategies of rigorous self-betterment.” His blog had given him premium access to some of the world’s most hard-to-reach leaders. Although he would turn those conversations into unique posts on his blog, he felt too much was being left out due to the nature of word counts and editing. He wanted people to have direct access to his conversations, like the one he just had with that CEO. The Knowledge Project was his answer.

His interviews with behavioral scientists, Olympic champions, mathematicians, educators, musicians, and others have exposed him and his listeners to new mental models, critical thinking methods, lessons learned, parenting ideas, and stories of failure—all topics educators and young learners are sure to find value in.

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