Think Like A King® Chess School

Think Like A King® Chess School was created by someone who rarely plays chess but has been in the scholastic chess movement for 25 years. So, what exactly drew the creator in?

In his own words, Dr. Stephen Lipschultz was inspired by the work he was doing to “restore normal cellular function and physiology via basic nutrition in extremely complex patients.” And, through a happenstance encounter with a scholastic chess club, saw “that chess, for elementary students, can function like basic ‘nutrition for the mind’ by feeding the development of critical thinking and Executive Function processes that are the key to success in school and in life.” Combining his medical expertise with his fascination with chess’s cognitive value, he created an online software that not only “inspires great chess” but also “inspires great thinking.” If you’re in search of an engaging tool that builds a young learner’s critical thinking skills, Think Like A King® Chess School might be worth exploring.

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