Hear from Movement Builders Who Are Transforming Education

10 January 2019

At Education Reimagined, we aim to amplify every voice within the learner-centered movement. By showcasing the movement's diversity of stakeholders (including young learners), we're able to move one step closer to reaching every community in the US. Explore articles from our Movement Builder Network below.

Elmo, We Need to Talk

by Jenny Davis-Poon

Preparing Young Learners for Life Beyond the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Stephan Turnipseed

Lucky Me: The Unexpected Opportunity that Put My Town on the Map

by Colby Mills

How Your State Can Support and Grow Learner-Centered Education

by Anne Olson


It was exciting to be a part of the next phase in the movement that focused on the lens beyond practitioners. The ability to accelerate the work with everyone who were in the room is so very powerful.

Nik Namba
Director of 21st Century Learning, Lindsay USD

Looking to the Future of Education Changemaking

by Katherine Prince

Why Zero-Based Thinking is Mission Critical in Reimagining Education

by Ira Socol

How Finding My Voice was the Greatest Gift of All

by Kushal Kadakia

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