Movement Builder Intensives and Network

08 January 2019


It was exciting to be a part of the next phase in the movement that focused on the lens beyond practitioners. The ability to accelerate the work with everyone that was in the room is so very powerful.

Nik Namba
Lindsay USD

The Movement Builder Intensive is a two-day experience designed to ignite and unite national and regional advocates for “learner-centered” education, harnessing our collective power to create the conditions necessary to accelerate the movement beyond what we currently see as possible.

We are in a unique window in time where what society is calling for from the education system is a match for what learner-centered education is capable of delivering. Yet, learner-centered models, practitioners, and young people are struggling under the weight of the traditional, standardized system.

We must invent the new systems, structures, and conditions for learner-centered models to thrive and spread. This can only be done by diverse stakeholders engaging collectively in the design and invention of this new future—with the end in mind, free from the constraints of the current system.

If you are a regional or national leader in the work to create these new systems and conditions, we invite you to come together with other leaders from a diversity of sectors, roles, perspectives, and backgrounds to:

  1. Explore what a learner-centered future would make possible for our young people, our communities, and our society;
  2. Gain insight into the transformative nature of the learner-centered education movement and why that matters;
  3. Confront what it will really take to make the transformation to learner-centered education inevitable and irreversible for all children in this country;
  4. Build meaningful relationships with each other as unique and passionate individuals and as partners in advancing a new future for education in this country; and
  5. Leave committed to discovering what we can accomplish working in concert that we cannot accomplish working in isolation from each other.

If you are interested in attending a future Intensive, please contact Demi Edwards (

Once we hear from you, we will set up a phone conversation to share more about the Intensive, the Movement Builder Network, and answer any questions.

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