Movement Builder Network Participants

15 December 2019

The Movement Builder Network has held three Intensives over the last year; one in Washington, DC in November 2018 one in Denver, CO in May 2019, and one in Pittsburgh, PA in September 2019. The leaders listed below participated in these events.

Juline Albert, Western Iowa Tech Community College
Chuck Ambrose, KnowledgeWorks
Amy Anderson, ReSchool Colorado
Thomas Arnett, Christensen Institute
Sarah Arnold, Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota State Superintendent of Public Education
Linda Barker, independent
Carol Barone-Martin, Pittsburgh Public School District
Carole Basile, Arizona State Universtiy
Sam Battan, Colorado Youth Congress
Gregg Behr, The Grable Foundation
Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, UnSchooled
Kara Bobroff, NACA Inspired Schools Network
Anne Bowles, CCSSO
Robyn Brady Ince, National Urban League
Dana Brinson, (former) Oak Foundation
Rachel Brody, Teach for All
Brooke Brown, Carson Foundation
Amanda Burke, Center for the Future of Arizona
Stacy Caldwell, Mastery Transcript Consortium
Andy Calkins, Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC)
Kim Carter, Making Community Connections (MC2) Charter School
Keith Catone, Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE)
Sunanna Chand, Remake Learning
Julianna Charles-Brown, Center for Collaborative Education (CCE)
Olivia Christensen, (former) Iowa BIG
Joe Cirasuolo, (former) CAPSS
Leslie Colwell, Colorado Children’s Campaign
David Cook, Kentucky Department of Education
Becky Crowe, Clayton Early Learning
Kerry Crowell, Leaders Believers Achievers (LBA) Foundation
Audrey Cruz, Tipton
Michelle Culver, Teach For America
Bob Cunningham, Poses Family Foundation
Kalei Delovio, (former) The Met
Adrienne Deshaies, Together Colorado
Francisco Dominguez, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
Susan Dreyer-Leon, Antioch University
Anthony Emerson, California Community Foundation (CCF)
Maddie Fennell, Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA)
James Fogarty, A+ Schools
Jessica Fuller, ReSchool Colorado
Lynn Gangone, AACTE
Aditi Garg, Teach for America—Greater Cleveland
Kate Garvin, ACTION Zone, Aurora Public Schools
Tyra Good, Chatham University
Paul Green, KVEC/Jackson Indpnt District
Gage Grenier, Making Community Connections (MC2) Charter School
Aidyn Grice, Norris Academy
Kristina Moss Gunnardsdottir, Hampshire College
Virgel Hammonds, KnowledgeWorks
Maggie Hannan, Carnegie Mellon University Simon Initiative
Jenee Henry Wood, Transcend
Emma Hiza, CZI
Annie Holmes, Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)
Katie Hooten, Teach For America Pheonix
Azella Humetewa, Native American Community Academy (NACA)
Christina Jean, The HadaNõu Collective
Stacy Johns, Together Colorado
Timothy Jones, Techniques4Learning
Angilla Jones, The SchoolHouse Preschool Academy
Sachin Joshi Hansen, RMSEL
Vicki Kerr, Colorado Outward Bound School
Travis Lape, Harrisburg School District
Cynthia Leck, Transcend
Jemar Lee, Morningside College / Education Reimagined
Larry Leverett, Leverett Education Consulting
Clara Lew-Smith, (former) UP for Learning
Walter Lewis, Homewood Children’s Village
Grant Lichtman, The Future of K-12 Education
Emily Liebtag, Getting Smart
Jordan Lippman, Collaboration Nation
Veeko Lucas, AdaptED
Johari Malik, Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter
Katie Martin, Altitude Learning
Jasmine McBride, (former) High School for Recording Arts and Education Reimagined
Tanner McCarthy, The Met
Brent McKim, National Council of Urban Education Associations
Elsie Jane Merchant, Wasatch Waldorf Charter School
Emily Merchant, Wasatch Waldorf Charter School
Angela Mike, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Colby Mills, Pike Road Schools
Eunice Mitchell, Big Picture Learning
Pam Moran, Virginia School Consortium of Learning (VaSCL)
Nikolaus Namba, Transcend
Michael Niyompong, Mental Health Center of Denver
Johnna Noll, Norris Academy
Al O’Bannon, LBA Foundation
Erin O’Leary, Center for Supportive Schools (CSS)
Anne Olson, KnowledgeWorks
Julene Oxton, EdVisions
AJ Papakee, Iowa BIG
Antonio Parés, Donnell-Kay Foundation
Sarah Park, Wend Collective
Jennifer Poon, Center for Innovation in Education
Marc Porter Magee, 50CAN
Sheela Prasad, Teach For America
Katherine Prince, KnowledgeWorks
Mithil Pujar, Executive Student Cabinet for the San Diego County Office of Education
Neel Pujar, Education Reimagined
Katrice Quitter, Hamilton County ESC (Educational Service Center)
Paola Ramírez, ReSchool Colorado
Ana Rangel, Wend Collective
Will Richardson, Modern Learners
Bart Rocco, The Grable Foundation
Ellen Roche, Trust for Learning
Jose Rodriguez, College Unbound
Kwesi Rollins, Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL)
Bille Rondinelli, The Grable Foundation
Lisa Roy, DPS Early Childhood Office
Sally Rushford, Pittsburgh Public School District
Brittney Sampson, Independent
Tyler Samstag, Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Miles Sandler, Kauffman Foundation
Yancy Sanes, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
Shruti Sehra, New Profit
Brian Sense, Great Work Inc.
Liz Sheka, Morningside College
Wendy Shenk-Evans, Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI)
Jane Shirley, CSL Colorado
Yvonne Simon, Southern New Hampshire University
Lisa Snell, Stand Together
Ira Socol, Independent Consultant
Michael Soguero, Director of Professional Development
Jackie Statum Allen, Bush Foundation
Lee-Ann Stephens, St Louis Park Schools
Michael Stimpfel, HOPE Investments
Alden Stout, Morningside College
Sarah Stucky, Wend Collective
Sara Suchman, National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS)
Jason Swanson, KnowledgeWorks
Chris Sweeney, Pittsburgh Personalized Learning Network (PLPGH)
Albert Sykes, IDEA
Melanie Tavares, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Holly Trifiro, Teach For America—Greater Cleveland
Kesia Turner, Embarc Chicago
Chris Unger, Northeastern University
Karla Vigil, EduLeaders of Color, Rhode Island
Allyson Villeda, The Met
Devin Vodicka, Altitude Learning
Marcus Wade-Prince, (former) Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center / Education Reimagined Board Member
Christin Whitener, CW Impact Strategies
Mark Wilding, PassageWorks Institute
Rona Wilensky, PassageWorks Institute
Debralyn Woodberry-Shaw, ELIE Circle
Alan Young, Jefferson County Teachers Association

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