Guided by the mantra, “TRANSFORM, don’t tinker,” 2Revolutions is a national education design lab that employs a user-centered design approach to give “education leaders and practitioners permission and support to innovate.”

Seeing themselves as partners in transformation, they design, build, and implement new learning models and help catalyze the enabling systems that prepare students for success in the future. But, they are not looking to pass along a 2Revs model or silver-bullet solution. All of their work is built upon the principles of “integrative design.” They see the design process as a cycle through which they can work with their partners to “identify root causes, design solutions at the right scale, clarify testable hypotheses, and become empowered to successfully implement their ideas.” With partners all over the country, they’ve worked with the likes of CityBridge Foundation in DC, Next Generation Learning Challenges, Dallas Independent Schools, and the states of Colorado and New Hampshire. Over the years, 2Revolutions has captured their experience, expertise, and insights in videos, reports, and frameworks. For example, in partnership with The Learning Accelerator, they developed a toolkit for state and district leaders looking to build a culture of innovation—“So You Think You Want to Innovate?” And, just recently, they’ve launched a social learning platform—InspirED— where educators will be able to connect, learn, and share about their own journeys to transform education.

Last updated 05/05/2016

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