Faster Than 20

Whenever we face difficult social and cultural challenges, we can end up coming to a cynical solution—change will only come when older generations lay to rest, enabling new ideas or ways of thinking to lead the way.

Eugene Eric Kim wants to extinguish this thinking and “create a world that is more alive,” ready to engage in community-wide collaboration and make change happen today. Kim’s resource, Faster Than 20, provides a bevy of toolkits, frameworks, and workshops to up your game on leading change that is humane, equitable, and sustainable. He focuses on collaborative literacy—“skills required to be and work with others effectively”—and moving changemakers to a new understanding that high-quality collaboration takes consistent time and effort. When you visit Faster Than 20, be sure to check out the Collaboration Workouts, Self-Care Dashboard, and their guiding framework for creating High-Performance Groups.

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