Interest to Implementation – Bringing Virtual Exchange to Your Institution

While the COVID-19 pandemic has come with its share of challenges, it’s also helped many shift their thinking regarding how, where, and with whom learning happens. And, it has allowed them to consider in what ways technology can expand those possibilities.

Even during non-pandemic times, bringing the world to young people is a challenge. Local communities are rich with resources, mentors, and a diversity of perspectives, but there is a natural limitation. How can a young person from Cedar Rapids, Iowa or Albuquerque, New Mexico deepen their understanding of different cultures, perspectives, attitudes, and ways of approaching social problems from peers or mentors in Osaka, Japan or Nairobi, Kenya?

This question (among others) is explored in the webinar, Interest to Implementation – Bringing Virtual Exchange to Your Institution, hosted by the Aspen Institute and Stevens Initiative, where leaders from around the globe offer “best practices and pathways” for integrating global education opportunities into your learning community. Virtual exchange is a growing trend that opens up a world of possibilities for the young learners you serve.

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