Storytelling With Data

Storytelling is as old as mankind. Over time, we’ve diversified our storytelling mediums to include dance, music, art, word-of-mouth, books, radio, movies, and podcasts. And now, data has entered the fold like we’ve never seen it before.

Thanks to the advent of data visualization, we can convey the meaning behind complex and once inaccessible topics in new ways. Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic is an expert in data visualization techniques. On her website and podcast, Storytelling With Data, Knaflic invites her audience to learn about the powerful messages data visualization can convey, and she goes one step further by providing monthly challenges for listeners to apply the techniques covered with data that is relevant to their own lives. Storytelling With Data is a resource for any learner (youth or adult) who is interested in or passionate about data analytics, data science, and how they can better communicate important stories to their audience. To learn more about data literacy, you can access an additional resource here.

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