Learner-centered education recognizes learning is a 24/7 endeavor. Everything we experience is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills and develop dispositions for learning that last a lifetime.

But, possibly the biggest question that arises from this recognition is: How do we track learning that happens anywhere and at anytime? Most technological resources have been built with the conventional system in mind, so the market remains largely focused on learning that happens within the walls and time of school. However, as learner-centered models gain more and more momentum, the product landscape is beginning to shift.

Tools like Trovvit—a learner-centric, learner-owned portfolio and networking tool—are transferring the tracking of learning to the young learners themselves. Trovvit allows young people to input their growing list of community contacts, develop a portfolio of their experiences that highlight their unique interests and passions, and produce a well-designed resume for prospective employers and other interested parties. To learn more about how this works in practice, we recommend reaching out to the leaders at Workspace Education who utilize Trovvit with their young learners.

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