The conventional education system doesn’t recognize learning as a 24/7 phenomenon. Instead, learning is narrowly defined by the academic content students consume within the confines of a school building, five days a week, 180 days per year.

For learner-centered leaders, this system simply doesn’t make sense. And, they are already creating ways to recognize and provide learning experiences that reach far beyond the walls of any one building. However, they are still faced with a major hurdle: How will the learning be tracked?

The creators of Unrulr launched a tool that might help solve this tricky problem. Their tool—an application that can be downloaded on iOS or Android—gives young people quick and easy access to capturing their learning in real time, no matter where or when that learning is taking place. With additional features like community sharing and collaboration, educators can remain “in the know,” even if all of their young people are learning in different locations at once.

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