Voyager March 2020

March 12, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr.

The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate.

Dear Friends,

We are at a moment when our global interdependence is visible and we are tested to remain grounded and focused on the greater good in the face of uncertainty and fear.

As one of our partners said, “We are clearly in uncertain times, but even the concept of learner-centered education helps me get oriented in the midst of uncentered forces.”

That statement rang so true for me because learner-centered education is the kind of education that puts young humans at the center, in relationship with one another, and in partnership with adults in their community. This model empowers young people by focusing not only on the uniqueness of each young person but also on that young person’s embeddedness in a family, community, culture, and world. It is the “both/and” that enables learner-centered sites to grow empowered and connected young people who are contributors to the greater good now and into the future.

Our team has been asked, if learner-centered education was ubiquitous and had been for a generation, what would the world look like? And, to the person, we answered with descriptions of healthy communities made up of deeply connected people serving one another and the greater good.

In times of uncertainty and fear, learner-centered people can rise to the challenge of being a courageous force for seeing new possibilities and bringing the necessary supports to those most in need.

In the context of education, as many schools are closing and moving to online and virtual learning, there will be a need for creative solutions to bring the internet and computers to those without them; to identify ways to care for young people whose families have to work; to create ways to support families who have jobs that can’t be done virtually; and to encourage play, creativity, and connection with all of the down time. 

This is a moment where coming together to prioritize supports to young people and families in communities in need could give them not only what they require in the short-term but also lay the groundwork for expanded learning and connection into the future.

Be healthy and well,


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